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School is closed until September 5th. We wish everyone a great summer break and good luck to our Year 6 children who move on to Secondary School.

Autumn Term

Author Visit! Peter J Murray


On Friday the 25th November Key stage 2 welcomed Pete and his wife Kath to Samuel Barlow School to inspire our children on the love, enjoyment and importance of reading into writing.


What a morning!


We all joined Pete and Kath in our school hall. Pete told us all about his background from his school days to him briefly dipping his toes into the steel industry before going back into education, becoming a teacher and his inspiration for his first ever book! What a journey!


Pete then introduced us to his Mokee Joe series and we were hooked as he talked about the characters in his books, the stories behind them and the journey they had been on as the Mokee Joe adventures unraveled. He was a GREAT  story teller!


In the afternoon, Pete ran smaller workshops based on his book of short scary stories called 'The 10 'O Clock caller' He gave us 'his' ingrediants for writing a great story that left the reader wanting more.


The day was such an inspiration!



Picture 1

Our class Novel for the Autumn Term

Our class Novel for the Autumn Term 1

Pestilence am I.

Epidemic I am.

Disease that spreads. I creep through the night. I drift on the wind. I started in Asia, made my way across the sea road to Europe.

I found my hosts! I found my beautiful creatures of the night to carry my message far and wide. Nothing was going to stop me!

A ring a ring of roses A pocket full of posies

A-tishoo a-tishoo, we all fall down.


I start with a snivel, a sneeze, cold damp and clammy. Buboes appear. Pus filled sacks of joy. They grow and grow and grow till finally they burst and once more I am free. Sleep now child of pestilence.

Who am I beholden to? No man?

Who will I visit next? Who knows?

I move on the deadly breeze. Black! Silent! Still!

I decimated everything in my path. Canines became my guarded friend, my imposters.

I continued my rage against humanity. Nothing was to stop me until…

Curse that place! Curse those people!

Curse the end of my days!

Brave they were called. Heroes they were called. The tears of lost love fell hard…but they stood strong. Their will lived on.

And they won…

Fire ravaged through the city. My end was quick! Stupid baker!!!

But… up here, it was the will of the few that spelt the end of my days, my travels…my legacy.

Will I return? Who Knows?

The Plague village of Eyam.  A village that made the ultimate sacrifice... Our class trip to the plague village of Eyam in Derbyshire   A very tiring but fantastic day of learning and reflection was enjoyed by Classes 6D, 6K and 5.  We split into three groups and made our way around this historic village. We all spent time in the Eyam Museum where we were able add further context to the learning we have been doing in class, as well as finding out new, interesting and sometimes shocking and heartbraking facts. The rest of our day was spent navigating our way to the villages most important historical sights. Here were tried to empathise and imagine what life must have been like in this historical place, especially during the time when 'The Great Plague' ravaged the village and their decision to make the great human sacrifice to stop the plague spreading to surrounding areas. Remember...Eyam is less than 27 miles from Clipstone!
During our Autumn term, we had lots of fun in maths working with the four operations. This has included becoming football managers of some of the best players in the world to work with different transfer fees, to being historians/biologists working with the number of flea infestations as a result of the spread of the black death. Of course, there was lots of puzzles and problems to solve along the way.

A taster of our Autumn term maths

Our Literacy journey!
In literacy, we had a tough but fun Autumn Term. 

Our topic was 'The Black Death' and our writing, linked to this, involved using specific and carefully chosen vocabulary in order to make the reader infer, spark their imagination, play around with their emotions and leave them wanting more!


We also brushed up on an awful lot of the grammar and punctuation skills needed for the new curriculum.


This included:

Relative clauses and relative pronouns.

Adverbial and fronted adverbial phrases.

Prepositional phrases.

Definite and indefinite articles.

Types of subordinating conjunctions.

The rules of inverted commas.

How to use reporting clauses effectively.

Expanded noun phrases.

The use of pro nouns and subject variation to avoid repetition.

The accurate use of commas to seperate clauses.

Parenthesis to include brackets, dashes and commas.

Hyphen to avoid ambiguity.

How to vary our sentences.


Ask about our learning!

A taste of our literacy. Come and take a look at our work on display and of course our books!

We had great fun drawing around bodies and working in small teams to label as many of the internal organs as we could. Putting them in the right place however, was a little tricky for some of us!