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ALI BABA AND THE BONGO BANDITS- Year 6 excelled in their performance - Well done to everyone - Transition days last week enabled all the children to meet their new teacher- Please check the newsletter to ensure you do not miss anything in this very busy final week of term - Miss Kay is going to paint one of the rooms in the Academy so if you have any odd pots of paint (any colour) please bring them into school. The Newsletter will no longer be given out at school but will be available on the school website and our Facebook page.

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.
Picture 1 Catherine Thornton - Executive Principal
Picture 2 Melanie Brown - Academy Principal + DSL
Picture 3 Kirstie Keightley - Year 6
Picture 4 Glenn Durkin - Year 4/5
Picture 5 Louise Bennett - Year 4 and SENCO
Picture 6 Sarah Kahler - Assistant Principal/Year 5/PP
Picture 7 Lisa Ward - Year 2 (currently maternity leave)
Picture 8 Melanie Mitchell - Year 2 (maternity leave)
Picture 9 Laura Webster - Year 1
Picture 10 Mandy Slack - Foundation 1
Picture 11 Beth Tomlinson - Foundation 2
Picture 12 Zoe Ward - Y3