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Mansfield Town have now been into school and the children have undertaken their penalties. We have medals for the winner in each class and the BIG ASSEMBLY will take place on the 15th November. Get collecting that sponsor money to ensure you get your footballs, tickets and one lucky winner will receive a signed shirt.

Year 2

Miss Ward

This half term our topic is Twisted Tales!

In literacy we are reading a wide range of fairy tales, then looking at the alternative versions. Did you know the Wolf was framed?! Have you ever considered that Jack, from 'Jack and the Beanstalk' was nothing more than a common thief? Also, have you ever heard of the 3 Bad Pigs? These are some of the tales that tradition doesn't want you to read... However, we are uncovering the truth!

In numeracy this half term we are focusing on place value, addition and subtraction. 

In science we are discovering what materials are and why objects are made form certain materials. We will be carrying out a range of experiments linked to our topic! Come and see our Art work that we have made out of natural materials - we are very proud!

In geography we will be focusing on our local area. We will be looking at how to read and finally how to draw our own maps. 

We are very lucky that this year we have an outside provider teach Class 2 music! We will be learning how to play a toot and the drums. 

In PE this half term we will be focusing on dance. How we manage to fit it all in a week, we'll never know!

In Year 2 we are training our brains to NEVER give up and celebrate this in the mistakes that we make  (that is where the learning happens anyway!) 

Our Class Assembly is Friday 12th October @ 9am! Come and see what we have been up to!
Can all children bring a water bottle to school please.

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